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The following patches are available:
* ratpoison-1-sfrestore.patch is the sfrestore command which is the opposite of sfdump - a frame restore command which works with multihead setups
* ratpoison-2-window.screen.output.patch possibility to output screen of a window in multihead setups in ratpoison -c windows output (e.g. ratpoison -c "windows %S-%f%s%t")
* ratpoison-3-addhook.on.kill.and.delete.patch implements two new addhook commands
* ratpoison-4-window.screen.output+addhook...+manual.transient.patch this is patch 2 + 3 + the new commands manualtransient and clrmanualtransient which work similar to the "umanage" and "clrunmanaged" commands. this makes it possible to manual set the window state to transient (e.g. usefull with Moneyplex or Wine windows). ManualTransient means that the window is managed by Ratpoison but it doesn't get maximized and the windows below it are no longer hidden.