January 2006 Archives

Vim Quick-References

I mirrored three quick-reference-cards for vim. View or download them:

vimqrc by Laurent Grégoire,
vimquick by Sebastian Menge,
vimrefcard by Charles E. Campbell and Alan E Klietz.

I also suggest reading the vim tips rss feed.

SSH Hack Checker V0.3.1

SSH Hack Checker is a perl script which parses syslog's auth.log for unsuccessful ssh login attempts. If it detects such attempts it tries to find an abuse email adress from the whois database and writes an email to it. It also detects successful hacks and writes an email to the admin.

The script is available here.

* 2005-12-18 ssh_hack_checker.pl v0.3.1 available - fixes little bug with multiple logfiles
* 2005-12-16 ssh_hack_checker.pl v0.3 available - multiple logfiles support
* 2005-11-05 ssh_hack_checker.pl v0.2.1 available - "unlink /var/log/ssh.log" changed to "unlink logfile"
* 2005-10-14 ssh_hack_checker.pl v0.2 available
* 2005-09-11 ssh_hack_checker.pl v0.1 available

Portage File Search

PFS is a search engine for files and packages of Gentoo Linux. It's the equivalent of "qpkg -f" but with the possibility to also search for files which aren't installed on your system.

Ratpoison Patches

All patches are available here.

The following patches are available:
* ratpoison-1-sfrestore.patch is the sfrestore command which is the opposite of sfdump - a frame restore command which works with multihead setups
* ratpoison-2-window.screen.output.patch possibility to output screen of a window in multihead setups in ratpoison -c windows output (e.g. ratpoison -c "windows %S-%f%s%t")
* ratpoison-3-addhook.on.kill.and.delete.patch implements two new addhook commands
* ratpoison-4-window.screen.output+addhook...+manual.transient.patch this is patch 2 + 3 + the new commands manualtransient and clrmanualtransient which work similar to the "umanage" and "clrunmanaged" commands. this makes it possible to manual set the window state to transient (e.g. usefull with Moneyplex or Wine windows). ManualTransient means that the window is managed by Ratpoison but it doesn't get maximized and the windows below it are no longer hidden.


This is a perl script which converts SVCDs to XVIDs automatically. As a highlight it features black border detection. Download here.

OpenFTPD Scripts

For the archive: there are some old scripts for OpenFTPD which i archived here

FEJF's Advanced Rescue Tools

This is a simple collection of harddisk error detection tools together with a memory tester. It's ment to be installed on a usbstick with syslinux. It also works with spblinux and was inspired by it. FART can be downloaded here.

TrueCombat Stuff

TrueCombat is a free MOD based on Quake 3. The successor is called TrueCombat:Elite and is based on the free game Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. I wrote a cgi script for server admins which shows live stats of their server for each of these mods. It's called tclive for TrueCombat andtcelive for TrueCombat:Elite (Update-20100307: scripts no longer available). I also made a 15min movie about TC:E which mainly shows the possibilities of the game in first-person view.

First Entry

This is my new website powered by MovableType Weblog. Some information about my projects will follow soon :)